About My Story

Gusti Bali Tours is a small adventure tour company. The founders is a local Balinese for the past 12 years observing and collecting bits and pieces about to create the ultimate travel experiences designed for real travelers. After many years on the road we kept on returning to the mystical Island of the Gods (Bali). Why? Because of its indescribable vibe that nowhere else in Asia has.

I’ve been living here for the entire live and know wall the hidden gems!

I’m absolutely love this island and we know that you will to. So come along and join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

Tours for the Adventurous

Gusti Bali Tours is unlike any other Bali tour company. Why is that? It is because we strive to get you away from the tourist hot spots. We hate lines and selfie sticks. We think that your time is better spent swimming with turtles and manta rays or topping up your tan on beaches where there is no one else for a country mile. We believe it is these experiences that make travelling the most magical thing you can do. Our tours are very active. You will be on the go a lot of the time seeing all the amazing things that Bali has to offer. Most of the activities will not require a great deal of fitness, however some of them will. For those slightly more strenuous activities we promise a lot of water and a lot of breaks. Gusti Bali Tours customers are always encouraged to only partake in what they are comfortable doing. Your safety is of our highest priority.